Introduction to the book

What this book is?

The Book is an initiative to create the ultimate docker book for all the docker echo systems and usages e.g. (Micro Service, PaaS, etc.)

The book is open source technical handbook for all the docker tools and applications. Being and open source book that allows all the docker enthusiastic developers, system administrators and business users to view, review and modify its contents.

In terms of tools the book will discuss the integration with orchestration and clustering tools (e.g., Swarm, Kubernetes, Mesos).

Also, the book discusses the integration with automation tools like puppet, chef and JUJU.

The Books is a journey from zero or very basic understanding of docker to a fully mature understanding of the containers and the integration with various tools.

About the authors

Feel free to edit and review the book and Feel free to add your self to the book authors as long as you continuously contribute the this body of knowledge.